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it's game on with Redrig

We’re committed to making your event entertaining, safe, and memorable, so please review the following before your party:


Understand that a Redrig is a truck and trailer combination that measures ~60 feet in length and that it is your responsibility to ensure that your chosen party location can provide parking for the Redrig. Please be certain that your location can meet the following parking requirements:

  • There must be a safe and legal route to drive the Redrig to the parking location from a traffic thoroughfare.

  • The parking area must be able to accommodate a ~60 foot unarticulated vehicle on a paved level surface. The truck will not be disconnected from the trailer.

  • It must be legal to park in the chosen parking area.

  • The parking area must be safely isolated from busy traffic, fast traffic, or any potential traffic-related hazards.

  • The entire route to the parking area and the area itself must provide at least 12 feet of vertical clearance.

If you are uncertain about whether your chosen location will meet these requirements, we can help. Just call us at (801) 773-3731.

Please note that you will not be refunded for a cancellation that results from your failure to meet these requirements and you will be held responsible for any citation, action, or liability that results from parking the Redrig unlawfully.

Arrival Time

The Game Coach arrives with the rig in plenty of time to set-up and get your party started at the designated time, which is normally between 15-30 minutes early.

Game Ratings

Redrig will not play any “M” rated games in the video game theater without a request from the client prior to the party/event or adult approval at the time of the event. If you wish to have an “M” rated game at your party/event please contact us indicating the game(s) you prefer or let the Game Coach know as soon as you can after he gets there. It is also recommended that all clients email Redrig with their game rating requests.

Food & Drinks

Redrig does not allow any food or drinks into the video game theater. Please have your guests consume them outside of the trailer prior to entering. It is suggested to have cake, ice cream, etc. before Redrig’s arrival or after our departure to maximize your guest’s time in the trailer. 

Number of Guests

Although Redrig does not limit the number of guests you include in the party, it is suggested to keep the group of gamers to no more than 20 guests at a time, particularly if the outside TVs are unavailable due to weather. This allows the gamers to have more options with their game choices and provides a better experience for them in the rig. If you have a considerably larger party than that, we can discuss arrangements/rotations over the phone.

Supervision of Children

Redrig does require a parent or responsible adult to be present inside or just outside of the trailer at all times during the event. Each child under age 6 requires a parent/responsible adult in the trailer.


A Redrig gaming theater is insulated and equipped with climate control intended to maintain a comfortable environment during all types of hot or cold weather.

Even so, Redrig reserves the right to reschedule your event in response to hazardous weather conditions that threaten the health and safety of our staff and your guests. Such hazardous weather includes but is not limited to snowstorms that severely impact driving conditions, high winds, electrical storms, etc.


The Game Coach is there to ensure that your group is making the most of our high-tech fun. He or she guides, inspires and entertains. Tipping for good service is a great idea, but not required.

Yard Games

Yard Games: Cornhole, Giant Tumbling Towers and Giant Connect Four, will be provided upon request, if desired by the host and as weather permits.

For every party, Redrig makes available yard games that can be set-up just outside the rig. If you have guests who enjoy more traditional games, want to be entertained while waiting, or just need a change of pace from the energy of  video games, please ask us and we'll set them up.

Virtual Reality

The minimum age for use of Virtual Reality (VR) is 10 years old.


If you would like to download invitations for your party, please follow this link:

Party Pictures

Our Game Coach will take photos of the party and party guests as the party is happening so you can sit back and relax. Photos that are taken will be available following your party on our Facebook page here. We use discretion when posting to maintain privacy of our guests. If you would prefer that we DO NOT take photos of your group, please let us know before the party by calling 801.773.3731. We also advise seeking permission from guests before the event that photographs will be taken. 

If you have any further questions regarding your party, please call us at 801.773.3731. We would love to talk with you!

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