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  • How do I plan and prepare for my Redrig party?
    Immediately following booking you will receive an email confirmation. Inside of this email are links to downloadable invitations, FAQs and a questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire prior to your event to help the driver and Game Coach prepare for your party. Please check your spam folder for the email if you do not see it in your inbox. Consider having your guests arrive before your scheduled time in the rig begins. That way, you'll maximize your guests' time in the rig because they will not be filtering in for the first 15-30 minutes of the party. This also helps put your guests at ease because they will have had a chance to meet the Game Coach and go over the rules of the rig. It's also suggested to plan your other party activities like food, cake and opening gifts either before or after your gaming time in the Redrig. For other Redrig party planning ideas , please read our blog post here.
  • What if we need to CANCEL the party? Can I get a REFUND or RESCHEDULE?
    RESCHEDULING POLICY: You may reschedule your event once at no cost up to 72 hours prior to your event. Rescheduling more than once will incur a service charge of $50 per rescheduled event. All dates for rescheduled events are subject to availability. CANCELLATION POLICY: A booked Redrig event will not be confirmed until it has been paid in full. A confirmed event can be cancelled according to the following terms and requirements: Greater Than 14 days before an event: Refund minus a $25 processing fee Between 7 And 14 days before an event: Refund minus a $100 cancellation penalty Less Than 7 days before an event: No refunds given
  • What is your AREA OF SERVICE?
    Redrig serves Salt Lake County and the northern portion of Utah County. For a specific list of areas we serve, please check here. If you are outside this area, please call to discuss options for scheduling your party.
  • What happens if there is BAD WEATHER?
    A Redrig gaming theater is insulated and equipped with climate control intended to maintain a comfortable environment during all types of hot or cold weather. If there is snow, it is your responsibility to clear the curb, driveway or parking location of snow prior to our arrival so that the rig can park, and guests can enter safely and without difficulty. Redrig reserves the right to reschedule your event in response to hazardous weather conditions that threaten the health and safety of our staff and your guests. Such hazardous weather includes but is not limited to snowstorms that severely impact driving conditions, high winds, electrical storms, etc.
    Redrig does require a parent or responsible adult to be present inside or just outside of the trailer at all times during the event. Each child under age 6 requires a parent/responsible adult in the trailer.
  • Can we serve ALCOHOL at our party?
    You may serve alcohol at a Redrig event or party; however, we may require an on-site security surcharge and/or security deposit when alcohol is being served. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or abbreviate any party when alcohol is being served. Drugs of any sort will not be tolerated in or around the Redrig equipment. Any observed use of illegal narcotics or legal narcotics used in an illegal manner will result in the termination of the party immediately.
  • Can we have FOOD AND/OR DRINKS in the game rig?
    Redrig does not allow any food or drinks into the video game theater. Please have your guests consume them outside of the trailer prior to entering. It is suggested to have cake, ice cream, etc. before Redrig’s arrival or after our departure to maximize your guest’s time in the trailer.
  • Can we have PICTURES of the guests to share with parents?
    During the party, the Game Coach will take pictures of your party and party guests but only with permsission from you. You will then be able to view these pictures on Redrig's Facebook Page and copy them to your files. You grant permission through our Booking Follow-Up Form that you receive via email immediately following the booking of your party. If we do not receive permission or a completed form, we will not take photographs. Discretion is always used and we do not disclose names, ages and locations to protect safety of those photographed.
  • Do we need to TIP the Game Coach?
    The Game Coach is there to ensure that your group is making the most of our high-tech fun. He or she guides, inspires and entertains. Tipping for good service is a great idea, but not required.
  • Should I be concerned about the TYPES OF GAMES for kids?
    Redrig policy prohibits video games that are pornographic in nature and feature depictions of nudity, sexuality, sensuality, and human objectification. Games that feature graphic and/or gratuitous abuse, brutality, and violence are also prohibited. Generally speaking, entertainment that is marketed toward mature audiences is neither available nor allowed within a Redrig facility. We do acknowledge that some grey area exists within the ESRB’s “M” rating. If there is a specific “M” rated game that you would like to feature at your event, please call to clear the title before the day of your event.
  • What's the BEST LENGTH OF TIME to rent the Redrig?
    Deciding the length of your Redrig party is up to you, of course, but it is recommended that the younger guests (~6-9 years old) party in the rig for 1-1.5 hours. Two hour parties and beyond are well-suited for older children, teens and adults. If you would like additional time, you may purchase additional time at $150/hour, if there is time available. This time can be scheduled in advance when you book, or paid for to extend your party at the time of service.
  • What is the BEST AGE group for your parties?
    Fortunately, Redrig parties are engaging and fun for almost all ages. However, we recommend our parties for players 6 and older. Each child under 6 will need to be accompanied by an adult while they are in the trailer. For younger children (6-8 years old), we recommend a 1 hour party.
  • Do you have DOWNLOADABLE INVITATIONS for me to print?
    Yes! You can download and print your Redrig invitations for your guests. Find a link to invitations here.
  • What if ADDITIONAL GUESTS show up to the party?
    This is not a problem! Our stadium seating inside the rig has plenty of room for up to 21 players at a time with extra room for those who just want to watch. We also have 2 huge HDTVs outdoors that can accommodate another 8 players when weather permits. We’ll keep them all having fun! Having said this, when only inside gaming is available, there are more choices and flexibility for guests and a better experience overall when there are 12-15 gamers.
  • Do I have to PAY IN ADVANCE for the party?
    Our reservations go quickly. In order to hold your booking, you must pay online when you book, or call us to make your payment over the phone. Otherwise, your date and time is still open for booking by others. Please call to discuss if your organization or situation is an exception and we can discuss alternate payment procedures. PayPal also has the option to pay for your party in 4 payments.
  • How early will REDRIG ARRIVE at the party?
    The Game Coach arrives with the rig in plenty of time to setup and get your party started at the designated time, which is normally between 15-30 minutes early.
  • Can the RIG PARK at my house?
    When the truck pulls up, we will try to park in the most level and flat area or logical spot to accommodate your party. Sometimes, we park in your neighborhood street, so you might want to let your neighbors know (in case they may object) or let us know if you have a preferred spot for us. We might also have to block a driveway. Please keep in mind that our Game Coach will not park anywhere that may cause a danger to persons, property or equipment. Our truck and trailer combination is very long and we will need a minimum of 60 feet of space to park. Additionally our Game Coach will never disconnect the truck from the trailer at a party/event without prior approval nor park off of a hardened surface. Please be certain that your location can meet the following parking requirements: (1) There must be a safe and legal route to drive the Redrig to the parking location from a traffic thoroughfare. (2) The parking area must be able to accommodate a 60-foot unarticulated vehicle on a paved level surface. (3) It must be legal to park in the chosen parking area. (4) The parking area must be safely isolated from busy traffic, fast traffic, or any potential traffic-related hazards. (5) The entire route to the parking area and the area itself must provide at least 11 feet of vertical clearance. (6) In the event of snow, please clear the entire area where we will park and make certain it is free of snow and ice so that the rig can park and guests can enter without risk. If you are uncertain about whether your chosen location will meet these requirements, we can help. Just call us before you book your party at (801) 773‑3731.
  • Where can I view Redrig's POLICIES?
    You can read all of Redrig's policies here.
  • Do you have a LIST OF GAMES that are available in the rig?
    You can see our complete list of games available here. If you are wanting a specific game that you do not see listed, please reach out to us at (801) 773-3731 to see if it can be added to your party.
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