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Video Gaming with Friends

You may have asked the question, "Why rent a Redrig game truck for my kid's birthday party when he can play video games at home with friends online?" Here's the thing...even if your son or daughter likes to play video games on a console or PC at home there is nothing quite like gaming side-by-side with all of their friends and family playing together. Let me show you a little about what I mean...

First, the smiles and positive interaction that you see above rarely seem to happen when gaming online with friends...and definitely not when playing alone. In the Redrig I've witnessed all kinds of friendly play, healthy competition and loads of helping one another out while completing a level or task. We at Redrig believe it is important to maintain a balance of face-to-face interactions and physical world friendships with virtual gameplay. There's something to be said about that shoulder-to-shoulder energy that is found in the rig that just can't be duplicated anywhere else. It's a beautiful thing to behold. Add to this the energetic environment of laser lights, sound and laughter from the other people in the gaming trailer, you've got a recipe for the most immersive and best birthday party ever!

Second, the flexibility to choose from our huge game library provides your kids with an opportunity to play games they may have wanted to play but never had the chance. It also often introduces them to new video game genres they may have not considered. Our Game Coaches work to offer up those games to the party guests that have proven to be the most engaging for multiplayer gaming. When the kids express a desire to try something new, our Game Coaches strive to make it happen. Occasionally we get a request for a very specific game before the party, but inevitably, those very guests end up playing anything and everything but that same familiar game. Because sometimes, new is better!

Finally, Redrig's goal is to provide the best multiplayer gaming experience for each of our guests. We have very few single player games in the game trailer--available only for the rare occasions where it is warranted--because we want to see everyone interacting and playing together. That's where the FUN is, the MEMORIES are made, and the RELATIONSHIPS strengthened! Why rent a Redrig and play alone, right? We are confident you will agree that just doesn't make sense!

If you have any questions about renting a Redrig or what it is like to game in a Redrig, please check out our About page here, or see images and videos of happy party guests and inside the rig here.

We look forward to gaming with you soon!!

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