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You may be like many folks in Utah who have never seen or even heard about a video game truck. What is a gaming truck, you ask? Sounds intriguing--and it is! Redrig is a mobile video game truck that can be rented for your party or event in Salt Lake County or the northern part of Utah County in Utah. Best part...we come to you and your party guests with our 30' trailer loaded with a high-tech, one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Wanna see inside?

Inside the huge game trailer--that seems a bit like The Tardis (way bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside)--you'll find 6 huge HDTVs, each with their own set of game consoles, sound bars and controllers for up to 4 players per screen. It's also loaded with laser lights and 6 soundbars which energizes the whole experience. BONUS: It's climate-controlled so having a game truck party in the rig is comfortable in any kind of weather, any time of year.

Did you notice the stadium seating? Pretty cool way to play your favorite games or provide extra seating for those who just like to watch. I recently read a fantastic post from a fellow game truck owner who posted about the various kinds of gamers that exist. Which type are you? I'm definitely #3, the observer or backseat gamer. I have watched endless hours of Ratchet and Clank played by every member of my family. (In my humble opinion, may be the best single player game ever created.) Having said that, I hate to admit how many hours I've spent playing Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch, and I've been known to play Overcooked 2 and Moving Out with my youngest son as he "works" in the Redrig.

You may have also noticed the lights, which really add to the gaming ambience. Both of my sons enjoy their PC gaming setup with lighted fans, mousepads, headphones, and even desk backlighting. Lights just make the gaming experience more immersive.

Our video game parties always have lots of happy faces, friends and family playing together, and a Game Coach. Did you notice in the video the young man standing between the TVs? His role as a Game Coach at your party is to help. He makes sure the guests are having fun, playing the games they request, cheering them on as they play, and assisting them if they get stuck on a level or need help with controllers. We might as well describe our Game Coaches as "Game Masters", because they are expert-level video gamers. And because they are in the Redrig during the whole party, you, the party host, don't need to be unless you want to. This way, you can sit back and relax or play along if you wish.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about the kinds of games you can expect to find in the rig, our Virtual Reality experience and our popular racing simulator that is included in every party! a Redrig for your party or event is a win-win--the host has a no stress-no mess party and the guests have a party they won't soon forget! To see everything our party package includes click here.

I hope you're getting your game on!!

Susan xx

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