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Redrig on Good Things Utah

Why is it so much fun to share with folks the great thing we have going here with Redrig? I guess it's a bit like sharing your favorite chocolate cake recipe. I mean, you have tried it for years, it's always a hit, you absolutely love it, so you want to share it with everyone within earshot. Yup. That must be it. Well, we had the opportunity to be a featured guest on Good Things Utah yesterday and share with their audience "our chocolate cake".

We got things fired up right in front of their building, just like with a Redrig birthday party. And as live television seems to work, the clock was king. Tick, tick, tick. It was a quick sound check, white balance check, and we were off. Shannon doesn't love being on 'stage' so I did all the talking and he was able to just play Ratchet & Clank during the interview. And fortunately I was able to articulate some of the great things about renting a Redrig. Time ran out before I was able to mention what is included in a Redrig package like a gift for the guest of honor, yard games, Virtual Reality, party pictures, and no upcharge for anything including additional guests. But there you go. Tick, tick, tick.

You can take a peek at our Good Things Utah segment at this link here.

I was interviewed by Deena Manzanares and she was welcoming and professional. Thanks so much for having us!! Everyone thought the rig party idea was so awesome they are planning to have us come back for a party at ABC4 Utah.

It was a good day for a good day, I tell ya! We finished this good day with a delightful party. Take a look at these party pictures to see the fun we had...

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