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Redrig Party on Good Day Utah

Earlier this summer, Redrig was lucky enough to be featured on Fox 13's morning show Good Day Utah. After a briefing on what to expect, we prepped the rig to make it extra sparkly and headed off in the wee morning hours to the station near the Salt Lake City airport.

After arriving and getting set up, it was a whirlwind of scurry because as you might suspect, the clock is king on live television. But all the 'hurry up and wait' time allowed us to rub shoulders with some very kind, professional and fun folks at the Fox 13 Studios, especially the host, Rich Bonaduce.

This is me anxiously awaiting the start of the first segment. We filmed several times over the course of 3 hours, and really got to show off the fun options in the rig, interact with the news anchors, and have a good time. Take a peek at some of the segments on Fox 13 Now at this link.

The anchors and producers took turns visiting the rig just outside the studio, playing games with our Game Coach, dancing outside the rig with Just Dance and driving in our VR simulator. All in all, it was a delightful experience with this professional and fun crew.

It you want to see a quick overview of what Redrig brings to your party, watch this quick segment. And if you want to get your party booked today, you can do it online. Once you do, you'll be on Redrig's calendar and our rig will arrive to your house about 15-20 minutes early to park, fire up the generator, queue the games, and get ready to greet your guests!

See you at your party soon!

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