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Need a Birthday Party Idea?

You know the drill. Your kid's birthday is quickly approaching and you're searching for a party idea that is...

1. Fun

2. Easy

3. Memorable

We've got you covered.

Your birthday party with Redrig is FUN...

The "proof is in the pictures". If you want to see loads of smiles on kid's faces, especially your own kid's face, take a look at these happy kids who have been lucky enough to party in the Redrig...


Your birthday party with Redrig is EASY...

If you've ever chased kids around at a venue away from your home you know it's like herding cats. Constantly counting heads. Asking, "Did you see so-and-so?" Arranging transportation to get them all there and home. Making certain they've all completed their "waivers" before the party?

Or if you've held birthday parties at your home you have a different set of struggles, like cleaning before AND after the party. Keeping kids busy and not bouncing off the furniture, or walls. Hoping the weather cooperates so you can send them outside to play for a minute. Figuring out how many kids can actually fit in your house. And don't get me started with the "headaches" from the pinata!

But when you call for a Redrig and we pull up to the curb, all you have to do is sit back and relax while the guests are entertained in the rig. All ages have a blast in the rig, too! Don't know anything about video games? No worries. Our trained Game Coaches know just the age-appropriate games to load for the kids and they keep everyone engaged and having a good time without you having to do a thing--unless you want to join in and play, of course! No counting heads. No dirty house. No trying to keep kids entertained. If you want some suggestions on how to plan your Redrig party, there are a few tips here.


Your birthday party with Redrig is MEMORABLE...

There's no doing it the same old way when Redrig is your party venue. Wanna be the party that everyone remembers, the one that all the kids at your party will want for their parties, too? With 8 huge screens, 50 controllers, a huge game library, room for everyone inside and out, laser lights, stadium seating, a driving simulator and yard games, we've got the set-up for a party that your kiddo will never forget. Your guest of honor will also get a special gift!

To see more, take a look at the images and videos from this page to get an idea of all that we offer in the Redrig.

If you are ready to move forward, we would love to get you on our calendar before your date is gone. Click here to get booked now and see everything our package includes or call us at 801-773-3731 to talk to us about your party plans. We're excited to game with you and help you create a party that is FUN, EASY and MEMORABLE!! It's GAME ON!!

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