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As a parent, are you tired of searching for ideas for your kid's birthday parties? Tired of the bowling alley? Or have a kiddo with a winter birthday to celebrate making bounce houses and swimming parties out of the question? And then there's the problem of having all of the guests inside your home. Can you say, "Chaos?" I get it. I've got a solution for you that works for all ages, reduces your stress and leaves you with no mess to clean up after the party.

Redrig is a mobile gaming experience that will bring a one-of-a-kind party TO your house, but not IN your house. Here's how it works...

After booking your party online with our simple scheduler, you can download and distribute the invitations we provide. On the day of the party, we pull up to the curb about 20 minutes before your scheduled time and get the trailer fired up. I suggest having already served your cake and opened gifts by the time we open the game truck door and invite your guests inside to play. Another option is to serve cake and ice cream after the rig leaves, to maximize your time in the game truck.

How many "guests are best", you ask? We can theoretically manage 31 players on our 8 HDTV screens at once, but it is recommended to keep your guest list to no more than 16-20 gamers for the best experience. This way there is more flexibility and choice for gamers. All of our games are directed towards multiplayer gameplay because playing with lots of family and friends always beats playing alone. (They can do that at home, so why pay for them to play alone in the Redrig?)

Worried about having to watch the guests during the party? Wondering if you need to have "gaming" skills? Thinking you might need to keep everyone happy and playing the games they want? Nope. That's what our Game Coaches do, so you can sit back and watch, relax outside the trailer (maybe playing the yard games we provide when weather is suitable), or join in and play a familiar or new game from our huge library right alongside the guests. Our Game Coaches are expert gamers so if someone wants to know how to defeat the next boss, change tools, or asks what buttons to use on the controller, they know how to advise. They also are available to switch out any games for guests at their request. Our only request for little gamers under 6 is that a parent or adult sit with them while they play in the trailer.

And when the party allows, our Game Coaches can often be found playing right along with the guests. This is our Game Coach, Eric, playing with a little man named Royal who was delighted to have a "friend" game with him.

To sum it all up, for one low price, every party package includes:

  • Your choice of 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours gaming in the rig with access to our complete game library (pending your game-rating approval, of course)

  • Special gift for the guest of honor

  • Game Coaches

  • Racing simulator with virtual reality (please see our VR policy)

  • Pictures, available on our Facebook page after the party

  • Yard Games like Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four and Cornhole (weather permitting)

  • Downloadable invitations

If you are wanting Redrig to be at your party longer than 2 hours, every extra hour can be scheduled for a small additional charge, selected during booking. And if our schedule allows on the day of your party, we may be able to extend your party, if you wish. Just ask!

I hope this has been helpful information as you consider planning your epic Redrig party event. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us and we'll get them answered. We are all about a no-mess, no-stress party. We look forward to gaming with you soon!

Susan xx

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