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Like most parents, I've been in that funk. You know, the one where your kid's birthday party is approaching and you're racking your brain trying to figure out a birthday party place that's new and different than you've done before. You've tried the bounce house, the trampoline park, the bowling alley, maybe even laser tag or a foam party. Can you say, boring? And full of headaches, release forms, travel nightmares, and herding cats. But have you thought about renting a game truck to come to your house with the party? In my opinion, it's the easiest party idea for any special event, even if you or your kids don't consider yourselves "gamers". So what's a video game truck, you say? Let me tell you...and show you...

If you are curious what it's like stepping into the Redrig gaming trailer, let me just say, "It's cool!" Not just cool-in-the-summer-cool (which it is because it's climate-controlled), but cool-new-high-tech-flashy-cool. In the front end of the game trailer you find what we refer to as our action station. Here there are two huge HDTVs, one screen with room enough to dance along to the Nintendo Switch Just Dance and the other screen with a driving simulator station and accompanying virtual reality.

This immersive feature is always the hit of the party--seems everyone has a "need for speed". It's pretty cool to really get in the race, see the crowds, track the surrounding racecars, and feel each turn. But even without the VR, guests can still "put the pedal to the metal" and experience a real test drive. (What's with me and all the movie references?) This screen can also be used for regular "controller" gameplay with 2-4 players.

Here'e a video of a little dancing in the action station...

After passing the action station, you'll quickly observe four more huge HDTVs with a double row of seating along the opposite wall. This stadium seating allows up to 16 people to game together with room for 10-12 more to sit back and watch or cheer the others on. Personally, I'm a video game observing-type. I love to watch others playing. But take a peek at what this space looks like...

While you're looking, notice the awesome laser lights which add to the "cool" factor. And here's the rest of the gaming rig...

Screens for days, laser lights, dozens of controllers, stadium seating and climate-control. Awesome. Any guesses to how many controllers we've got available in the trailer? I've lost track, but there are A LOT!!!

Now, as a party host, what if you know nothing about video games, consoles and controllers? What if, like me, you aren't the most skilled at knowing which buttons control what action on each game, how to get to the next level, beat the boss, or even how to load the game? No worries. We've got you covered. Redrig Game Coaches handle all of this for you and your guests. Below is a picture of our Game Coach, Eric, helping out in the gaming trailer.

Phew! All of this can be left up to us. And would you look at the space?!

Now what about the outside of the game truck? Curbside on the game truck there are two more big screens that can accomodate another 8 gamers, weather permitting. But if you don't mind dancing along without a controller, go right ahead. The more the merrier.

All in all, the Redrig game truck is impressive! And, imho, the best party idea for a no-mess no-stress experience for everyone. If you have questions about how to plan your party click here, or just want more information about Redrig click here. And if you want to get your party booked, we schedule up to a year in advance online here.

Thanks for taking this game truck tour with me. Next time you've got an event planned, whether it's a birthday party, school festival, team-building party, neighborhood block party, summer party, wedding event, holiday celebration, teen party, or just for fun, we've got you covered. We hope to celebrate with you and your family and friends soon!

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